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Experienced hires

As well as career starters, we're also looking for professionals – people with experience. From MBA students and graduates with previous work experience, to seasoned experts or those with a couple of years in their industry behind them, you have the know-how.

So do we. We can make things happen and it doesn't need to follow a set path. Let's talk about what your dream role looks like and how we can make it real.

Experience Report
Portrait of Frank Schrijver, Amsterdam office
Frank Schrijver, Amsterdam office
I completed a Master's at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and then worked at a top bank. Five years in, I was looking for a new challenge. I wanted to work in strategy, solving some of the challenges facing banks and other financial institutions. I knew the way to achieve this would be joining a world-class consultancy firm.
I knew Roland Berger and I were a great match. The energy and entrepreneurial spirit of the Amsterdam team was palpable. I've been working here for three years now. My initial impression of the firm was absolutely correct.


An MBA at one of the top-tier schools trains you in strategy across a broad range of industry and functional areas. MBAs teach leadership and offer the opportunity to collaborate with people from other cultures, backgrounds and disciplines, forging relationships that will last your entire career.

This is why we value MBAs. They reflect what we do. Joining us is the ideal way to turn your new expertise into something career-defining.

Are you in the middle of your MBA studies and interested in learning consultancy first-hand? Join our Summer Associate Program during your MBA and you'll spend two or three months in one of our international offices, working with us, experiencing our culture and seeing how our values mesh with yours. Or start after your degree is complete.

Apply online or speak with us next time we're on your campus.

Recognizing trends, understanding your industry – we value your expertise.
Recognizing trends, understanding your industry – we value your expertise.
Experience Report
Portrait of Brandon Boyle, Detroit office
Brandon Boyle, Detroit office
After completing an MBA at the University of Michigan, I wanted a new challenge.
I'd already spent several years at a large technology consultancy firm and was looking for something different. I wanted international experience
and to develop my leadership skills. I wanted to have fun, too!

Roland Berger was an obvious choice. I knew as soon as I joined that I'd made the right decision. I spent the first few months working on make-or-buy strategy for an American manufacturer based in China, leading a global study on the future of manufacturing industries in Asia. I take part in personal development training in Europe. Not all hard work – one program involved skiing in Austria!

What we are looking for

Knowledgeable, creative and entrepreneurial – you have personality. You also have experience: That special ingredient that cannot be trained or fast-tracked into existence. Just a few years can make a difference. You're a game changer. The person who solves problems, who turns projects around. Tell us more.

You're a team player. You enjoy a diverse and lively workplace – being around people who challenge and rely on you – and support you back.

Your qualifications

You have an impressive Master's, PhD or MBA. Your professional experience shows in your demeanor, expertise and depth of vision. Perhaps you already work as a consultant or are an expert in your industry.

You have a proven track record in assessing and managing risk. Identifying trends is second nature to you. You understand that we live in an increasingly interconnected world. Looking beyond your immediate sector excites you and you have developed thinking on integrated markets and industries.

You create impact – solutions that not only work on paper, but also in practice. Our clients will find you invaluable. You've achieved a lot and have the network, credentials and achievements to prove it. Let's take them even further.

Your personality

Even with years in the field, you're as open-minded and adaptable as when you first started. You still love to learn, research and innovate.

You apply that knowledge. You're hands-on, keen to turn theory into practice. You always find a creative, yet practical, solution. You follow through.

You're alert, engaged and respectful – qualities that inspire respect in return. You may even have had the opportunity to lead and manage a team. It's certainly a skill you're keen to develop with us.

People who work at Roland Berger approach their tasks with enthusiasm. Their profession is a vocation. But they have a life outside the office - hobbies and passions you'd never expect from a consultant.

Experience Report
Portrait of Frigyes Schannen, Budapest office
Frigyes Schannen, Budapest office
"Flying a plane demands serious concentration, skill, confidence and prompt decision-making in unexpected circumstances. These skills are relevant to consultancy."

Frigyes flies a lot on business, though it's naturally not the same as flying a plane yourself.

"Approaching a new landing is always a challenge. You have the general know-how but the particulars only emerge gradually. You're not in the clear until you've landed and reached your destination. Working on a project is similar. You have information on the company and the task at hand but can only gain an accurate picture once you're underway."
Experience Report
Portrait of Xavier Aymonod, Paris office
Xavier Aymonod, Paris office
Xavier is a talented pianist and started studying music at age eight. He is passionate about contemporary music. He was a finalist in many competitions, e.g. in Radio France's International Competition for Outstanding Piano Amateurs and in the Cliburn International Amateur Piano Competition in the US. Performing a concert or presenting to a key stakeholder – both are an adrenalin rush and encourage excellence and perfection.

Xavier composes his own material and studies music alongside working as a consultant. "A few years ago, we acquired a piano for the Paris office and launched a music club to play together. Studying music fits in well with consultancy. Both require creativity, analytics and synthesis. Honing a piece of music, and its various components, is not dissimilar to managing and developing strategic patterns."
Selection process

What awaits you

Our first step together

This process is about understanding you and your career. It's about learning how we can help you develop. Drop us a line. We take great care with incoming applications.

Tell us how you're going to be a major influence on our business and let's discuss how we can help you achieve that. Send us a CV and cover letter and submit both to us online.

The second step

Let's meet in person. Tell us what inspires you. This is an opportunity for you to tell us about your career to date. Share the achievements you're most proud of – the ones you'd like to build on. Let us know why you are interested in Roland Berger in particular.

Have you been thinking about your ideal next step? You have experience and insight. There must be a lot of opportunities you're spotting. Let's discuss them and pool our resources. We have a wealth of experience, support and reach to offer you.

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