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Top-end management consulting

After 50 years in the global financial sector, we have acquired the unique knowledge, experience and presence required to assist our clients shaping their own successful future.

Demand for top-end management consulting in financial services is strong. The industry is facing unprecedented challenges: Uncertain markets, regulatory pressure, increasing competition, ground-breaking innovations and diminishing margins. New technologies and startups develop innovative products and channels, challenging established and traditional players. Financial customers of today are increasingly sensitive to cost, yet unwilling to compromise on quality. The question is, what do you do about it?

You are looking for opportunities? At Roland Berger, we are experts in all segments of the financial services industry. We believe in an open architecture model, in which carefully selected former senior executives form an integral part of the core partnership and leadership groups, supporting our client service teams from end-to-end. We help to optimize our clients' position – with inter alia proprietary tools to reduce costs ("Accelerated zero-based budgeting") and implement and monitor change ("RB Point").

Offering honest, straightforward guidance through an increasingly complex regulatory environment and consumer landscape, we contribute to a superior shareholder return. We can help you rethink your strategies and incorporate new financial technologies into your business models. Outstanding knowhow in restructuring is in our DNA. Do not wait for the future to happen. We will show you ways to shape your own sustainable future.

Retail banking

Retail banking of today scarcely resembles what existed in previous generations. As the regulatory and technological landscape has changed, so too has client behavior. Customers increasingly rely on online banking, crowd-funding and innovative fintech solutions for their transactions. To remain competitive, the right solutions need to be identified and properly implemented.

Exactly this implementation capability is our distinguishing feature – relevant for your business. At Roland Berger, we understand what this means for your markets and can help you adapt your sales and service models and product portfolio to reflect this new era of retail banking. We excel in loan-book-reviews, risk management and efficiency/cost-reduction initiatives. Our experts offer pragmatic solutions to the relevant issues of a sector in transition, from optimizing performance and improving the cost basis, to structures and processes. World-class management consulting expertise supported and guided by practioners on a day-to-day basis: that's our promise to our clients. In other words: practical advice with an end-to-end support.

Corporate & Investment banking

A demanding environment requires that we reflect on strategic, organizational and operational needs. In corporate and investment banking, this means assimilating the lessons of the crisis and addressing major regulatory changes and a new customer mentality driven by decreased risk tolerance. To enjoy a competitive edge in the future, the time is now to innovate. The 2008 financial shock was the greatest in living memory. But it will certainly not be the last. We all know markets are cyclical. The smartest investment banks learn from the last disaster, preparing actively for the next.

Our global network of strategic, organizational, and operational consultants offers our clients unique expertise across the entire spectrum of relevant issues facing the financial industry. We are here to support you in identifying your strategic options and assist you in adapting your segmentation approaches, customer coverage models, and product portfolio to meet the needs of this complex transition. We help you strengthen your position.

Asset & Wealth management

Today, regulatory changes and trends towards an open architecture for client offerings are set to overthrow traditional models and overall industry structures. Profitability is just one issue, liquidity, compliance and capital are others. To stabilize your asset and revenue base and maximize future growth, your business model needs to reflect the new, client-centric approach.

Our mission is to help you restore the balance of your operations. From strategic decisions at a top-management level to operational topics, our consultants are your guide to optimizing your business model, reducing complexity and refining client coverage in the process. We’ll equip your business with a forward-thinking strategy, and the flexibility to not only survive future downturns but capitalize on future growth.

IT & Operations

Most banks and insurers have 10-20% of their budget and staff tied up in IT. Despite this investment, few have governance practices consistent with their strategic goals and aligned with their management. This leaves the question: how can you better align information technology to your company’s specific needs?

At Roland Berger, we believe that today almost every budget can be considered an IT budget. It is evident that IT supports day-to-day business processes as well as new business initiatives; or in other words: "business as usual" versus "disruptive innovation" both in pursuit of a competitive advantage. We know how to facilitate work between IT business units and other departments to make use of these untapped resources which are among the greatest in Financial Services. From the development stage through to implementation, our experts design and optimize IT processes that are both cost-efficient and sustainable.


Easier access to information online and fierce competition in the insurance industry means that your customers know more and want more. They are more cost-conscious than ever before, and they’re demanding better quality and service for the price. At the same time, the insurance industry is being strapped with increasingly strict regulations. New fintech players are just another challenge emerging. How can you balance the demands of consumers, new competitors and supervisory bodies whilst maintaining a competitive position?

At Roland Berger, we are experts in helping insurers adapt to the new realities of the industry. Our excel in key areas, covering every relevant topic from strategy definition to risk management. We have a global view of the whole value chain, across all lines of the business, and can help you identify where changes in your strategy can lead to increased profits and long-term growth.

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